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TransRus Holding

About us

The Holding of transportation companies “TransRus” has been working on the transportation services market since 2000.
The company specializes in meeting the needs in transportation, logistics, customs clearing of Moscow and Moscow region-based trading and industrial companies dealing in export and domestic raw materials.
Personnel of “TRANRUS” are qualified experts with extensive practical experience in transportation and logistics. Their expertise in Russian and International markets for transportation, connections with major shipping lines, established relations with administrative and commercial entities in Russian and abroad and a good command of foreign languages are accountable for providing optimal transportation solutions for clients with minimal expenses and risks.


We offer to use these services as chains of transportation process which is expedited by you, i.e. to get them at first hand.

  • Warehousing, consolidating, processing of cargo at own and leased warehouses on Moscow-Rizskaya, Moscow(cargo)-Kurskaya, Moscow(cargo)-Ryazanskaya stations.
  • Processing, acceptance, shipping of containers, carriages at the railroad stations of Moscow-Rizskaya, Pavelezkaya, Moscow(cargo)-Ryazanskaya, Moscow-2-Mitikovo, Mosco(cargo)-Kurskaya.
  • Cargo transportation throughout Russia in our own euro-trailers “TRANSRUS” (up to 86 m3).
  • Shipping, acceptance, processing of cargoes at the cargo-luggage compartments of the Moscow stations.
  • Customs clearing, import, export, by road, containers, carriages.

Road Haulage

Mobile units:

  • tents 82 m3, 120 m3 (auto trailer);
  • refrigerators;
  • isotherms;
  • container-carriers 20`, 40`, 40`HC.
We use both our own and hired transport.

Services furnished:

  • door-to-door transportation;
  • shipping from ports;
  • customs documents preparation in Germany, Hungary, Italy, Baltic States, Finland;
  • insurance;
  • customs clearing.


  • Russia;
  • CIS countries;
  • World at large (Europe, Far East).

International carriage of assembling cargoes

Mobile units:

  • automobiles 40, 82, 120 m3;
  • containers 40`, 40` HC.

Services furnished:

  • cargo delivery from one container in any part of the world on door-to-door terms;
  • completion and delivery of assembling cargoes by road hauliers through transit warehouses in Italy, Germany, France, Finland;
  • further deliver throughout Moscow, Russia at large, CIS countries in containers, carriages, road hauliers;
  • cargo insurance;
  • customs clearance.


  • Europe;
  • South-Eastern Asia;
  • Middle East.


Please, give us all the necessary information. Our managers will contact you within an hour and will offer you the best solution.
Name of the company:
Contact person:
Type, number of cargoes, loading point,
destination point, other special features
pertaining to carriage:

To send a request

Tel.: +7(495) 101-3035 (multy-channel)
+7(495) 264-4336, 264-4322, 264-2828
e-mail: info@transrus.ru

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